By Elena Kozlovskaya


What is your business about, ultimately? Do you remember the thrill of starting something new, of entering the office, of dreaming to build the bonds of friendship and of serving in the best way you can with your talent and resources?

While the goal of business is to make money, the real potential of business and entrepreneurship is way higher.  Any entrepreneur is a creator and hereby can decide how to shape our world.  At BEL MONDO Ventures in Belarus we unite these young entrepreneurs who want to make real impact and realize a socially and ecologically responsible venture. To date, we have over 900 projects submitted.

At the same time, there is a growing interests from Corporates and businesses of all sizes in running corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns. As E&Y Report suggests, most companies report on their CSR to demonstrate transparency of their operations to stakeholders, to gain competitive advantage and to manage risk.

Our offer to companies concerned about their CSR is to unite with our goodmakers in implementing high impact initiatives. BEL MONDO will take care of everything.

Here is why running your CSR with us in Belarus is a great option:

Reason 1: Maximum impact with minimum investment

As a real businessmen, you are probably always concerned about investment vs output ratio and return on investment (ROI) in your business operations. The same may attribute to achieving non-financial returns: quantitative and qualitative results on social and environmental impact of your CSR initiative. Every dollar invested in Belarus brings about 5 times higher output in terms of impact compared to running a similar initiative locally in Western Europe or the US.

Reason 2: Guarantee of project execution

If you are sending money somewhere overseas to support a project, you can’t be really sure, if a project owner doesn’t change his mind or if some changes suddenly occur. In our case, BEL MONDO will be your business partner, responsible for the delivery of your project based on a signed agreement.

Reason 3: Easy contracting

We work on the basis of 1 simple agreement. If you are a commercial company – we can just sign a service agreement for your company’s marketing, PR and promotion and in the scope of service we will describe the project that we are going to execute on your behalf. If you are a non-profit branch, for example, a Family Office – we will make sure that working with us is tax favourable.

Reason 4: Scaling up your impact

Your project will be turned into a “social franchise”. Every social and environmental initiative can also be useful in different communities and countries. We interview successful initiatives and share their methodology, tools and tips with other people who want to repeat their success. See the list of our current social initiatives, and maybe you will decide to replicate one of them in your city:

Reason 5: Cultural proximity

In Belarus we share the same cultural and business principles with customers in the USA and Europe, have similar lifestyle, traditions, values. All this facilitates smooth cooperation. Geographically we are located at the crossroads of trade routes from the Western Europe to Russia and further East and from the Northern Europe to Turkey and Middle East, which allowed us to absorb traditions of different people and grow tolerance. Come visit us!

Reason 6: One stop shop

When you work with social and environmental initiatives, you need to engage all kinds of parties, these may be boarding houses, journalists, local businesses, local government bodies, environmental lobbyists and of course marketing, project management, finance, legal team. We take away your headache and work on projects execution from A to Z, starting from agreeing on impact metrics and up to delivering a final result.

Reason 7: Variety of choices

Whatever your mission or passion is, we have a wide selection of options covering the fields of sport, arts, children, education, healthcare, rehabilitation, social inclusion, theater, charitable events, clean energy, environment protection, personal development and much more. And even more to say, our project have a business model, it means they know how to become financially sustainable in a long run and not depend on sponsors.

Reason 8: Possibility to make the world a better place even with modest budget

For you as a company, running a CSR campaign may seem too expensive to do, but too tempting to skip. No worries, we have a solution. Our projects have capital requirements starting from $1,000 and up. It means that even if your budget is $1,000, we will send you at least 10 projects from our database to choose from and will report you on the progress. Contact us and let’s start a trial.

According to Impact Union, some 80% of impact ventures received initial capital from Family offices and HNWIs, and probably, that became a big factor of their mutual success…

At BEL MONDO we are trying to build this ecosystem of high impact entrepreneurial projects and their supporters: corporate sponsors running CSR campaigns and kind-hearted individuals.

Contact us for a chat and let’s try working together to create BEL MONDO (eng: a beautiful world)!