BEL MONDO in Italian means “BEAUTIFUL WORLD”. We work with people who are making our world a more beautiful place.


Unite and facilitate goodmakers across the globe in implementing social ventures with the support of successful families and corporations .

Goodmaker [ɡʊdˈmeɪkə] – a person who sets up a business or an organization with a primary purpose to make the world better. Synonyms: social entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman, activist.


Execute entrepreneurial projects which tackle the most complex problems of modern humanity by re-engineering existing systems with the use of information technology and on the principles of love, awareness, health, happiness and beauty. Empowering entrepreneurs to create an impactful change via a master-trainee approach.

Problems we tackle

For successful families & corporations: the need to live a more fulfilling, mission-driven life and participate in charitable activities. We want to provide successful families with opportunities to work on what they really love by presenting our exciting projects. We want to assist corporations in strengthening their CSR.

For goodmakers:  hands-on daily coaching and access to finance, education on project & budget management, marketing, accounting and much more. We want to grow skilled and experienced Impact Entrepreneurs.

We resolve this problem 10x better, 10x cheaper, 10x more effective than traditional charities and life coaches.


Image 1: Paradigm shift from money driven to soul driven business

Main Principles

1.   Profitable, Surplus reinvested

In addition to having high impact, BEL MONDO’s initiatives also have a business model which would allow them to become financially sustainable. BEL MONDO’s ventures are triple-bottom-line (profit, social impact, environmental impact) companies.

  1.    Co-creative, Crowd-enabled

Successful families join together with goodmakers in implementing the projects. Different cooperative models and “wisdom of the crowd” have proven to be impactful in ventures like Internet itself, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, Kickstarter. In information age facilitated with Internet we have the tools to put together the resources, activities and efforts from many of us and then re-distribute them fairly and transparently among us.

  1.     Elite and Humane

BEL MONDO intends to grow as an invitation based binary network club: every successful social entrepreneur takes commitment to pass his/her mastership, resources & connections to 2 want-to-be social entrepreneurs until the moment they reach their personal and professional success and then do the same for 2 more people. In this way we plan to create the exponential growth of new social ventures.


Image 2a and 2b: Binary network, which leads to exponential growth in impact and number of social entrepreneurs.

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