To date, together with our partners we have the database of over 300 social entrepreneurs and their projects that need incubation. The projects are in the fields of healthy lifestyle, personal development, preservation of ecosystems, alternative energy innovations, healthy food, art, culture, new opportunities for children, elderly people, opportunities for disabled, sports, housing, recycling,  tourism, social inclusion, transparency and many many more. In addition, we have the facility to organize the contest of projects in very specific fields upon request.

Our project have the following characteristics:

  1. Impact Metrics – specific numbers of people, plants, goods, etc, which are expected to be delivered;
  2. Business Model – the mechanism which will allow projects to be financially sustainable / independent from sponsors help in a long run;
  3. Documented methodology/ Scalability – possibility to scale across different communities locally and globally.

We commit to providing every sponsor with at least 10 matching projects to choose from.

The budgets for the projects vary from 2,000 EUR and up depending on project’s impact and ambition. We also accept contributions in a form of non-financial assets: goods and services needed for specific projects.

BEL MONDO takes the responsibility to do Project Management, Legal, Accounting for all the selected projects on daily basis until the point when they form an own company or organization. Hereby, BEL MONDO acts as an incubator for high impact projects. We appreciate if our sponsors get involved in project execution by providing their mentoring, NGO and business insight for young goodmakers.  

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